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A few experiences...

Just few observations on recent kitchen experiments.  I tend not to use
firm recipes, so I apologize if the amounts are rough.

Midland Harvest via Dixie -- Taco mix was great; I mixed in some fatfree
refried beans and soft-nuked, diced redskin potatoes and it tasted
exactly like my old m**t-based recipe.  Also stored well and would work
well in tacos, burritoes, stuffed peppers, etc.  Sloppy joe mix also was
great, for the same reasons.  I mixed in some corn.  SAD husband
couldn't tell difference.  Didn't like the m**tloaf mix.  Flavor was a
turn-off to me so I didn't even try the husband test. 

Dixie Cream-It -- Convient for those of us who use tofu routinely, but I
won't be trying it with my husband who hates tofu.  I use it every day
for smoothies, sauces, etc. for myself.

Dixie Guacamole -- Not my style, too vinegary.  Avacado flavor was
pretty vague.

Morningstar black bean patties -- Yummy!  I like these even better than
Boca Burgers.  Great with mayo substitute, tomato, and sprouts.  SAD
husband will also eat these but not Boca Burgers.

Squash recipe -- I've been making this several times a week recently...
   Cut a butternut or acorn in half, scrape out seeds and nuke about
   six minutes with cut side down on a plate.  Dice an apple or pear and
   mix in "enough" maple or other syrup plus cinnamon and a dash of
   nutmeg.  Stuff squash with mixture and cover.  Nuke about 6 minutes.

Happy cooking!