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protein ideas

First, I tried to answer this privately but it appears I wasn't able to
pick up the proper address. Here goes:

For Norma who is looking for protein ideas:  I have been decreasing the
amount of fat and protein from meat in my diet for about a year now.
I have an aunt who basically is alive today because of the McDougall program,
and because of her example, am trying to undue the habit of 36 years of
SAD eating.  Anyway, as I make this transition, I am using a soybean based
protein powder as part of my diet.  The product I use is made by Shaklee
and suits my needs at this time.  I can drink it in skim milk (but am
giving up dairy because it aggravates my rheumatoid arthritis symptoms),
fruit juice or water. 

I find that when I supplement my diet with the protein shake and nutritional
supplements (as I am in the transitional stage and know I'm not eating a
completely balanced diet (YET!)), I have much more energy, fewer food
cravings for sweet and salty, and fewer mood swings.

I hope that this is helpful . . . just another satisfied customer,
Another new lurker,