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Question download

Someone wrote recently about missing digests and how to retrieve them as
Send an e-mail to:  fatfree-request@xxxxxxxxxxx
In the subject line, put:  archive
In the message section, put:  get volume97/197

I did this and received from the archives 97/197 and it was a long file to be
downloaded.  I cannot however download that particular file.  Has anyone else
tried to download it?  The digest of 10/24 (today Friday) is a very long file
and in order to download it I had to try several times.  It would download,
then it would stop and throw me off line.  I guess it took about 6 or so
tries to get 100 percent of the file.

I have downloaded all the other files with no problem as well as other files
from aol.

I would appreciate any helpful comments anyone has regarding this.  You can
email me.  Thank you very much.

Barbara Hatfield (BHATPHOACC@xxxxxxx)