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Re: Dixie Diner Nutlettes

>Can you offer any suggestions about how I could use them 
>up without tasting them too much?


I purchase these little "goodies" in the large size and eat them *not* for
the taste, believe me, but for the soy protein, isoflavones, etc. to help
with the nasty flashes
I'm experiencing.  I think they are helping. But I never eat them solo --
always mix them with another cold cereal or add to hot whole grain cooked

I haven't tried baking with them, but you could try adding them to cookies,
bread or even using them as a topping, but always combining them with other

They really are quite bland, but I *do* enjoy their crunch.  Maybe I'll try
a little experimenting myself.  If my teens don't question a dish with that
:^P expression, I
consider it somewhat of a success!

Let me know what you try.

~Sandee Ritter