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books/recipe conversions/nuts/explanations

for Martha's minister friend, I would recommend Diet for a New America by
John Robbins for the ethical part.  For the health, Dean Ornish's book on
Reversing Heart Disease got me started, but then I heard Colin Campbell
quote somebody saying,"milk is liquid meat, if one wants the dietary
benefits of a vegetarian diet, one needs to go all the way and eliminate
all animal protein (dairy)."
For cookbooks, I recommend Fatfree and Delicious by Robert Seigel (sp?),
The High Road to Health by Linday Wagner and someone else.

For Barbara who wants help converting recipes to ff, I would bet that some
of us on this list are willing to help with that right here, post away.

For those who feel that the nutrients in certain high fat foods outweigh
the risk, I suppose it depends on your health and potential for heart
disease down the line.  Why wait until the warning signs happen?  Get a
head start.  But then, this is clearly a personal decision.  However, for
the purposes of this list and those of use who are sincerely trying to do
the ff thing, please support us and leave the fatty ingredients for another
time and place.  Thanks.

And for Norma who wonders what to tell folks about why she "went veg".  For
me, it depends upon who is asking and why and what is the level of interest
and sincerity.  I might say that I feel so much better on a vegetarian
diet. I might say I turned to a low fat veggie diet to avoid many of the
halth problems I am in line for otherwise.  I might just say it was a
personal choice, I feel better and I really  have no interest nor need to
convert anyone, and tell them not to feel concerned that I am judging what
is on his/her plate.

Have a great weekend!  Hugs, Jan