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Re: Ice Cream Craving

To Lois who craves ice cream: I too had this major addiction, but it's pretty
much no more. I just gradually lost interest in the rich ones and moved to
low fat and then to dairy-free. 

Now I tend towards sorbets which don't have dairy. Sherbets on the other hand
usually do. If you eat dairy and are looking for a low fat version that
tastes good, check your local NFS for Cascadian Farm brand low fat ice cream.
They are absolutely fantastic and you would never know they are low fat.
Another brand is Stoneyfield, which makes low fat ice cream as well as frozen
yogurt. It's made out here in New Hampshire and I have seen it in Wisconsin.
Both are even organic. Both brands have a vanilla to die for. Cascadian Farms
also makes a chocolate sorbet as well as many other flavors, even a peach. 

And then there is Sweet Nothings, a dairy-free frozen dessert. They make a
great! fatfree fudge bar that's as good as the real thing. And, only 100

I know I'm mostly doing McDougall's MWL, but once in a while I need a fix. 
Not too often anymore though. Hey, who said we had to be perfect anyway.

Jan Bennicoff