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Nuts, avacados and coconuts

Greg talked about his eating these high-fat foods. 
Unfortunately, even in their "natural" state, they
have a lot of fat.

In this list, Michelle has always taught us that
"fat is fat" no matter what form it takes, natural
or otherwise. That's why her guidelines for recipes
have tried not to include such items, or make them

Vegetarians who consume a lot of these items run
the same risks of obesity that SAD eaters have. I'm
not sure about the data on heart disease however.
Since this is not a "health" forum, I want to avoid
this topic.

Most recipes on this list make such high fat items
optional. This seems to work for most of us, but
coconuts in any form are extremely high in saturated
fat. Most readers of this forum avoid it like poison.

I don't want to criticize Greg, whom we welcome on
this list. Part of the objective of this list is
to teach and learn...we welcome Greg to the list
with pleasure and hope that he will give us all
more wonderful recipes.

Mike Rosenblatt