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ravioli recipe

Kelly asked about my wonton wrap ravioli recipe. She said that
they came apart when boiled. Unless they are first "sealed" by
heat first, they mostly cannot be boiled. They can be steamed
in a steamer without falling apart, but tend to stick to the
bottom of the steamer, unless you use a bamboo one, or put
oil on it first, which of course we don't want to do here.

I "seal" them by very briefly frying them in a non-stick 
pan. Amazingly, they don't stick to the pan, even if you
only use a hint of pan spray. They seal almost immediately
and can then be boiled or steamed. You don't have to brown
them very much unless you want to. 

Thanks for trying out this recipe Kelly, they taste
quite wonderful.

Mike Rosenblatt