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Morningstar Farms crumbles

Someone else posted a positive review of Morningstar Farms' crumbles (to 
be used as a ground beef substitute), so I grabbed a box when I was at 

I made Sloppy Joe's for my husband and myself, telling him beforehand 
that I was going to do this. He had seconds both nights we had it (a rare 
occurrance) and told me I should make it for his family sometime and not 
tell them - they would never know the difference!

I tried making burrito filling once before using Gimme Lean and taco 
seasonings, and he wasn't really sold on it, so this is a definite 

One cautionary note: the MorningStar Farms crumbles come pre-browned and 
frozen. You just add them to whatever you're making. However, I thought 
they had an awful smell before adding all the spices, so I wouldn't 
recommend using them in anything bland.

Julie in San Jose