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Re: "Gimme Lean"

On 21 Oct 1997 GORDON.SHARON@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> I've seen this product "Gimme Lean" mentioned a few times in this list and
> recently saw it in my grocery store. I was afraid to buy it because I
> didn't know how to use it or if it was any good. Any suggestions?

I like the sausage Gimme Lean, but I've never tried the other kind 
(ground beef sub, I think).  I thought it was the best sausage sub that 
I'd tried (and not just because the name is cute).
The only use I have for sausage is when I make what my mom called reuben 
runzas.  When we lived in Lincoln, Neb. when I was little, we learned 
about runzas (spelling?  ethnicity?  information appreciated) which are 
shaped like calzones, but filled with a mixture of sausage, shredded 
cabbage and grated carrots.  Very hearty, spicy and satisfying.  My mom 
didn't like making all the little pockets, so she makes one big loaf of 
bread (like a reuben loaf) stuffed with the filling.

Anyway, Gimme Lean is the only sausage sub I know that is good when it's 
mixed in something else.  The others seem to be designed for patties 
rather than crumbles.  It would probably work well in a faux sausage 
gravy as well.

Recipe information:  OK I don't have an exact recipe for reuben runzas, 
but if you saute 1 pkg Gimme Lean with about 1/2 head shredded cabbage, 
and enough grated carrots (3?) to add color (add black pepper if you 
like it spicier), that's about the right amount of filling for 2 loaves 
of bread.

Other recipe information: 
I got lots of requests for the jerk tofu and brown sugar angel food cake 
recipes I mentioned the other day.  My friend is getting me the cake 
recipe, so I should be able to post them later this week.

Susan "Someone tell me how to spell runza!" Lehman
Go Heels!