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Mock Chicken Salad

I can't remember who, but someone posted a recipe for mock chicken salad. I
have to tell you that soaking the TVP chunks in hot vegie broth (I added a
pinch of curry powder) and soy sauce, then chilling it all the next day,
worked like magic! I squeezed out the chuncks, put them in my food processer
with celery, onions, and ff-mayo, and it was SO good! It really did taste
like dark cluck-cluck!

In fact, my sweetie, who turns up his nose at seitan and tofu, tried it, and
took the rest for lunch. (In revenge, I put the rest of the chuncks in his
linguini with roasted tomatoes...heh, heh, heh...).

I am so pleased...I love my mock egg salad, and now mock chicken
salad...this is just too cool, so thanks for posting the method. I'm going
to try a m**tloaf next, and will report back to you.

BTW, I impressed a chef trained in France with my lentle burgers. It's not
quite vegan, but if anyone wants the recipe, please feel free to e-mail me
privately. I also have an amazing recipe for tofu burgers, which my kids and
husband just love (go figure). 

Shucky   8-)  +
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