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Brown Rice

I have to admit that I love brown rice, but back in my days of trying every
diet made by man and woman, I found a way that I absolutely didn't like it. 
Plain. no herbs, no salt, no GARLIC (sob), cooked in plain old water, and
eaten every day for a week at every meal. AACK!
 It took me quite a while to even consider looking at the stuff. 

But, I did eventually recover. I do like white rice too, but only in certain
things like sushi, the kind with vegetables cooked in different broths. Pea
pods, carrots, and  black mushrooms. Yummy!

For the person who said they didn't like brown rice, there are lots of other
rices that you can try. For example, red rice and black rice. You can find
them in an Oriental grocery. They not only have an interesting texture but
are definately nutty tasting. 
Also  there are several brands of rice mixtures (usually found in your local
NFS) that are great as well. 
Enjoy, Jan Bennicoff