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Eating at relatives

I've read with much interest everyone's discussion on eating at relatives. 

When I first moved to New Hampshire I was a vegetarian and received much flak
from my husband's mom & dad where we lived for the first 2 months until we
found our own house.  


For a while I stopped being a vegetarian, but am now back to it. (Definitely
a sigh of relief) So, I'm not looking forward to Thanksgiving too much with
his relatives. However, I am planning on taking my own stuff. It's just that
I wish everyone would just not get all bend out of shape about the fact that
I'm not going to eat turkey or anything with butter or bacon fat in it.   

I  understand how all of you feel about not wanting to cause any conflict. It
is a difficult situation for all of us. I'm going to make enough for everyone
to have a taste and try to be as tactful as I can (and not lose my temper).

Maybe we can come up with some tactful comments on why we all have chosen
this way of eating.  some that are good for a laugh anyway.
Jan Bennicoff