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hello again and wood cutting board hint

Hi, everyone, I'm catching up on a month's worth of digests
after giving birth to twin girls on September 13th. (I have
to admit, I wasn't totally FF during pregnancy but I do
credit a LF diet with the fact that I have now lost all 30
pounds I gained during pregnancy. Still have a bit of belly
to lost and get back in condition)

I'm so glad that I have a file of recipes (lots from this list)
that can be easily prepared. I also am making dessert-type things
for people who are going to be dropping by.

Anyway, I was reading about the cutting board discussions and
I thought that I'd add my $0.02. I have marked one side of my
wooden cutting board with the word "Garlic" and I cut all the
garlic/onion/etc. and foods for recipes that use those ingredients
on that side. This way, my fruit salads do not carry that extra
garlic quality.

oops...wish I would stay longer. Girls are making noises....

Regards to all.