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mini pumpkins and exotic veggies

>As for choosing the right vegetable and knowing how to cook it, the
>best idea if possible, is to go to a farmer's market, even a small
>one, and talk to the people selling the goods.

Also, at ethnic markets, I ask the proprietor what to do with mystery
veggies (they usually  know it's a way to make a new customer), or ask a
nice motherly looking lady who seems to be choosing her veggies with care
(sign of a good cook, ne?). For asian veggies, there's also a impressive
book called _Beyond Bok Choy_, pricey but with lovely photos on every

>For example, I saw two sets of small pumpkins, and the seller told me
>that the "mini pumpkins" would be difficult to eat alone (too bitter
>or something) and that they were for decor.

This one I have to disagree with, though perhaps there are different
strains?? If I can get them for eating as opposed to decor prices, I think
mini-pumpkins make great veggie-snacks -- nuke and eat, much less time &
work than a small pumpkin. I haven't met a icky one yet... They also make
great edible bowls for a fancy holiday meal, those of you who want to
impress carnivorous family members. Think soup bowl or stuffed pumpkins...

>The other squash I was raving about last week is called "delicata" --
>boy is it delicious!

Now that I agree with completely! I just bought a fleet of them...