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Fresh ginger, then asafoetida, etc.

Hi, all,

Thanks for the comments on freezing/pickling ginger.  I assume from your
responses that the freezing doesn't affect the taste at all.  I still would
like to know how to plant and care for it in an indoor pot, just for fun.

For anyone wanting to try Jan's Indian soup recipe and attempting to buy
asafoetida, a piece of advice (other than the smell - one recipe on SOAR
described it as a 'dirty socks' smell, which put me off buying it for
months!!!).  I have an Asian grocery nearby and they had never heard of it.
 I checked on the net and found that it also goes by the name of hing.  Now
that Jan so kindly clarified the need for such an ingredient, I may look
again.  I haven't had a chance to go back to the grocery since I learned this
but I have a feeling I will be more successful this next time.

For anyone doing searches on the 'net (and who isn't?) check out http://www.
askjeeves.com  It's a site that culls all the search engines and lists the
results from all of them on one page for you.  I found it a couple of weeks
ago and have been there dozens of times since.

Lastly, my SAD adolescent son LOVED the 'tomato alfredo' sauce I mentioned
yesterday.  I didn't dare jump for joy which would have discouraged him from
enjoying it (ah, the teen years).  I must have done something other than say,
"That's nice," because he said later that he knew it must have been healthy
for me to have been so happy!