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Re: mystery-crockpot foods question

On Thu, 2 Oct 1997, Jan Gordon wrote:

> Hi guys, I have a mystery I just know one of you can solve.  I made a
> version of the crockpot grains that someone posted, (thanks!) and  noticed
> a familiar and unpleasant smell/taste that I sometimes get when I cook
> stews/soups in the crockpot.  My dh thinks that it happens when I use
> parley in the crockpot, I am wondering if it is the combo of barley and
> tomato.  Guess I can experiment by making things with and without barley
> and barley and tomatoes. but am hnoping someone will have the answer.  I
> can't describe the smell/taste in any definitive way, it is just "off", not
> like anything spoiled, just an odd flavor that is unpleasant.

Hi Jan,

It could be the barley. I just made a breakfast grain mixture in my
crockpot last week and it included barley. It didn't turn out totally
unpleasant but there was a strange flavor to it. I ended up adding lots of
cinnamon, raisins and some maple syrup and I didn't notice it so much
then but I still didn't end up eating all of it. The last couple of
servings went into the composter.