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Re: bananas

When the bananas are as "ripe" as I like them I put them in the
refrigerator.  The skin will get black, but the insides will keep just
as they were when you put them in the refrigerator.
Also, if you remember the zucchini/carrot brownies used ripe bananas and
if you did not have enough you could add applesauce, this makes me think
you could use only bananas for any cake, instead of applesauce or any of
those things.  This last is just a thought, I have not tried it.
I personally like my bananas a little on the green side, and I love them
cold, (I do not like them at room temperature), therefore putting them
in the refrigerator at the point I like them helps.  They stay that way
over a week.
good luck

Jenka Keizer-Guevara                    The University of Alabama
jguevara@xxxxxxxxxxx                    Instructional Technology
http://ua1vm.ua.edu/~jkeizer3/          Doctoral Candidate