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Re: roasted tomato sauce

I finally made the roasted tomato sauce yesterday, and it was every bit as
delicious as everyone said it was, but it took me about a half hour to clean
up the pan.  Did other people have this problem?  Or is "carmelized" a secret
chef word that means burned onto the pan?  

I used 16 tomatoes in a cookie sheet which totally filled it up when I
started, and I  only cooked it for two hours, instead of 2-1/2 because I
could see it was drying up.  My oven is actually not as hot as it says it is,
either.  Were the tomatoes perhaps not juicy enough?  I bought them at the
Farmer's Market and they seemed soft and ripe, (perhaps more than they should
have been?)

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions on France.  As it turned out, I
totally fell off the wagon, didn't even try after the first day to eat LF
because it was so hard to find anything on the menu that even started being
into what I wanted, much less trying to dicker with people about how they
were cooking.  I will have to pay for it for the next three months.  For
those of you who live in France, I'm very impressed that you can even try to
eat LF.  But on the other hand, I didn't see any really obese people on the
streets there, so maybe any meal in a restaurant is a "feast."  All the ones
I ate certainly were :-)