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Noel said:
> I'm getting the itch to buy (yet another) cookbook, and I want
> recommendations.

I think you're going to have trouble finding a 1) vlf, 2)vegan cookbook 
for 3) foodies.  Most of the earlier responses have been for vlf or vegan 
cookbooks, but they don't really fulfill the gourmet requirement.
My suggestion is the new Vegetarian Epicure cookbook.  I haven't bought 
the new one yet, but I like both the old ones.  The new one is absolutely 
gorgeous and it's supposed to be more modern than the others, which I 
interpret as lower in fat.  I know it won't meet the guidelines of the 
list on most recipes, but I think they won't have any of the really 
extremely high fat recipes.

Good luck!

Susan "I have at least 6 types of vinegar in my pantry too" Lehman