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In response to Noel E. Nevins request for a cook book, I have "FATFREE LIVING"
Super Cookbook by Jyl Steinback.  Many of the receipes have meat in them, but
all can be modified to one's own needs.  The book was purchased at SAM'S.

We have tried Dixie Diners meals.  The chicken strips are okay. The ground beef
is not.  Have not tried the peperonni or the beef chunks yet.  I used chicken
bullion cubes to reconstitute the chicken strips and made a caserole using
vegetables, 99% fat free cream of chicken soup and topped with a low fat biscuit
mix from Pioneer.  Made a meat loaf out of the ground beef and it was not
good at
all.  The oatmeal cookie mix was great.  My friend has been 99% vegan since the
end of March and has lost 27 lbs. and cholesteral has reduced by 40 points.
I have
not been able to adapt to the total no-meat, no-butter meals, so am not
doing as well.
Have found that the "I can't believe it's not Butter" in the spray bottle is
good for
frying or sauting.

Just tried the  Apple Pie/Cake receipe from the news list.  It is okay,
might have
baked it too long.  It was sort of hard on the outside and firm inside.