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RE: insulin raising question

In general, more fiber will slow the insulin response--for the person
who wanted to know about which foods cause a high insulin response--
look up glycemic index.  Foods with an extremely high GI (greater
than 100--which is the benchmark for white bread) are:  puffed rice, 
cornflakes, millet, instant rice, french bread, cooked parsnips, baked
potato (russet), instant potato, cooked carrots (go figure ) , fava
beans, maltose, glucose and honey.  High GI (80-100) are: white bread,
grapenuts, corn tortilla, shredded wheat,muesli, tye bread, brown rice,
sweet corn, white rice, mashed potato, new potato, sucrose, apricots,
raisins banana, papaya, mango.  You'll have to look up the rest :-)
Hope this helped, Janine