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Roasted Red Peppers

Julia wrote:
> 1/2 of a roasted red bell pepper roasted yourself on a burner till black...

	Well, I guess I'm going to have to break down and let my ignorance
show. I've never roasted a red bell pepper before, don't even know if
I've ever tasted one, but would love to try it. So many tempting recipes
shared here include them. I assumed you had to do them in the oven.
Could someone (Julia, maybe) please give specific instructions on how
you do this on top of the stove. Also, how is it done in the oven and is
there much difference in taste?  I've been skipping all the recipes that
call for roasted peppers up till now, but curiosity has finally gotten
the better of me. :)
	Since I'm writing, I'd like to make another request. So often, someone
will write and ask a specific question that I too would love to know the
answer, or ask for a recipe that maybe I missed too, but will conclude
their message with those dreaded words, "Feel free to email the
information to me privately". To those of you with the knowledge to
impart, PLEEZE, PLEEZE, I beg you, after sending your answers to the
individually privately, please send your answers to the rest of us too.
And to those of us asking the questions, remember that one of the
advantages of our little "support group" here, is that sometimes someone
else will ask the exact question that we were too afraid to ask (lest
our ignorance show).  

	Now, back to my question of how you roast red peppers, please feel free
to email me....