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broccoli rabbi was only a funny typo

Hello Hadass,

I tried to send this to you privately but it was returned because of a
problem between my domain and yours.

"Brocolli rabbi" was a simple typo (like we all make sometimes) that
tickled the funny bone of some of us and we were unable to resist
commenting ....

What the poster was referring to is a vegetable called "broccoli rabe."
It's a still uncommon vegetable and the pronunciation is often
misunderstood ("rabe" = "rob"), thus misspelled, but the visual image
created was unbearably funny, I thought.  What evolved from that has been
wordplay humor, with no offense intended, I'm sure, neither to Karen nor to
rabbis and those who love them.  It would have been the same had someone
accidentally typed priests instead of peas.  Neither is what you expect to
visualize in a recipe. :)

Hope this clarifies,