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Re: Fat-free in Italy

>Any suggestions on what to order and request on a trip to Italy in order
>to eat fatfree would be very much appreciated.
>Carol Bernstein

Dear Carol, first of all pardon my english, it is not very good.
I'm afraid it will be difficult for you here, unless you find a vegetarian
restaurant in a major city. But even there you have to specify you want to
eat fat-free, usually in veg restaurants everything is stirfried.
My mother can't eat fat, except olive oil, but she can eat fish and
poultry, and the only things she can be sure about are grilled fish +
If you can eat raw olive oil, you could try asking for "pasta condita solo
con olio crudo" [pasta with only raw olive oil] or for "verdure alla brace
o lesse" (vegetables, usually gree, leafed, grilled or boiled), or simply
for a "insalata mista" [mixed salad, usually, lattuce, tomatoes, carrots,
and so on]. 
Be careful of "pasta ll'uovo", pasta made with eggs: different kinds are
"fettucine, tagliatelle, pappardelle".
You can even try to explain "posso solo mangiare verdure senza grassi, per
motivi di salute" [because of my health, I can just eat vegetables,
fatfree] and let the waiter decide.
Something you can try is "polenta" [a sort of cooked mixture made of corn
flour and water] with "verdure cotte senza grassi" [cooked, fatfree
vegetables]. Or you can ask for boiled beans "fagioli lessi senza olio".
Don't ask for lentils or garbanzo beans, they are usually cooked with oil.
If you need information on a particular recipe, please ask.

Elena Passerini

Th-th-that's all, folks!!!