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RE: flax seed oil

For people interested in taking flax seed oil I know that there are a   
couple of companies that make flavoured versions of it as well as other   
essential fat combo's.  I think these products are designed for children   
to get them to take the stuff but they might make it easier to get down   
than taking the stuff plain.  My grandmother takes flax seed oil for   
stiff joints and she finds the flavoured versions more palatable.

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I am hoping this isn't off topic.  After reading about Ornish's
recommendation for flax seed oil I went and
purchased some.  The stuff is expensive.  The stuff tastes nasty as can   
too.  I have been trying to think
of things to mix it into.  Any ideas.  I put a drop on my tongue and   
even scrape the taste away.  I
wish I had heard that it tasted like soiled fish before I purchased it.

Faith Hood