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Buying Fantastic Foods online, humor

Hi, all,

For those who have been looking for Fantastic Foods - I don't know if the
Fantastic Foods company has its own web site, but I do know that the Harvest
Direct online catalog includes a good variety of their products and the
online prices are lower than in their paper catalog (yes, they do honor the
lower prices).  Their URL is 


If you want to call them, the number is not on the web site.  I emailed them
for it and it's 1-800-835-2867.  If anyone does have a URL for Fantastic
Foods, I'd like to check it out, too.  (I know, I'm incurable.)

The one thing I DID manage to resist (until now) was the urge to comment on
the circumcision and rabbi comments on here lately.  You folks are just too
funny.  I wonder if George Bush has anything against broccoli rabbis....Keep
smiling.  5:-/  (Elvis)