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Re: FATFREE Digest V97 #253

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<< From: esanders@xxxxxxxxxx (Elizabeth Sanders)
 Subject: Re: homemade yogurt
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 I read somewhere that film canisters are NOT made of food grade plastic,
 and should not be used to store food. It was in the context of using them
 for spices, but I fear using them for yogurt is no better. Anybody know
 more? >>

Regarding using film canisters for storing food.  I'm an old Boy Scout who
has used them for a variety of spices in my backpack, but not long ago read
that they can contain "leftover" products from the film. These products are
often heavy metals which are not good for us.  I've commenced washing them
thoroughly in the dishwasher prior to using them, but I'm not an expert as to
whether or not that is adequate action.