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Unidentified subject!


You asked for a recipe for cranbery muffins.  This is far from cranberry, but
is vrey dense and the best vlf muffins I have ever made.  Maybe the quantities
of ingredients can help you out... It is from Susan Powter's book FOOD and has
my comments/omissions noted.  (note that I made this in  loaf pan as a bread to
have with soup and it was fantastic!

VEry Corny Corn Muffins

1C unbleached flour (I used half wholemeal, half white)
1C yellow cornmeal (i used coarse)
4 t baking powder
1/2t salt (i omitted)
1/4C sugar (I used about half this as the corn makes them sweet anyway)
1 large whole egg and  2 egg whites (just used 3 whites)
1 and 1/4C skim milk
2T canola oil (I omitted this too)
1C canned creamed corn (this is just corn, no cream involved!)

Preheat oven to 220degrees C.
Combine dry ingred in a bowl.
In another bowl combine eggs (or sub), milk, oil (if using) and  corn.  Stir
wet ingred into dry till just moist, don't overmix.
Spray muffin tins and spoon in mixture.  Bake 20-25mins till golden brown.

Recipe as she gave it has the following breakdown (I don't have a mastercook)
serving size 90g total fat 3g, saturated fat 1g, 12 servings per recipe 152
calories.  (2T oil is what? 30 g of fat, split into 12 muffins - without the
oil they will be vlf).