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Quick dinner ideas

Hi all,

Anyone interested in starting a thread on quick dinner ideas,
now that the holiday shopping/decorating/feasting season is
upon us? My plan to to eat dinner *before* doing the shopping
thing this year, but that means I need to replenish my quick
dinner (and quick cleanup) ideas.

This week we've done the following:

1. Start a crock pot of black beans in the evening, then make a
quick black bean soup the following night, and serve with bread
(we have a bread machine, which helps). We also made the 
Caribbean Suprise the next night, and really liked it.

2. Microwave a spagetti squash (cut in half, put in shallow dish
with water, nuke for 15 minutes until tender, shred with a fork)
and serve with jarred marinara sauce, and a simple salad-from-a-

3. Steamed a few fresh and frozen veggies, and served with leftover

I'll probably also pre-cook a few potatoes, yams, and brown rice, 
though I may break down and buy some "instant" brown rice. I'll
also buy more frozen veggies, to cut down on the chopping and
cleanup afterwards.

So what do you do when time is tight?

T Sconyers