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Re: pumpkin pudding

In a message dated 97-11-27 06:39:10 EST, you write:

> My first question is to A. Sconyers who wrote in a pumpkin pudding
>  recipe that sounds wonderful.  I wanted to know why do you put half of
>  the rice on top of the pumpkin and rice and why can't it all be mixed
>  together and cooked in the oven?  Have you ever tried just making a pan
>  of the pumpkin and rice all together?  I can't see what the difference
>  would be.  Thanks in advance.

Well, I divided it because thats what the recipe called for :-)  I would
that you could simply mix the pumpkin in and cook it all together, though
you may want to adjust the sugar a little. I liked the layered effect-- the 
thinner top white layer was really  sweet and a little crusty, and the
bottom pumpkin/rice layer was creamy and not very sweet, so the contrast
was nice. Since I baked mine in a glass casserole, the two layers made a
pretty effect, and the pumpkin was a nice twist on an old, simple dish.

(For those who missed it, the general recipe calls for first making 4 cups of
regular rice pudding, then dividing it in half, mixing raisins into one half
a can of pumpkin in the other, and put in a glass casserole, pumpkin mixure
on bottom and white mixture on top, and bake.)

>  My second question I know has been discussed before but I wasn't baking
>  much at the time.  In many of the recipes for carrott cake, cookies,
>  etc., egg whites are used.  Can anything be substituted for egg and I
>  don't mean egg beaters or such.  I do not want to use eggs at all.

There are vegan products available that act as binders, and so can be used to
replace eggs in baked goods. I have only had moderate success with them,
but they do work. Ener-G Foods makes a product called Egg Replacer that is 
a mixture of flours and starches that is probably the most commonly available

subsititute-- check your local healthfood store for this, as I have yet to
see it in
a mainstream grocery store.

T Sconyers