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RE: Protein Sources?

Your daughter should be eating a wide variety of foods, uncluding   
legumes, vegetables, fruits and grains in order to meet not only her   
protein needs but also her other nutritional needs.  It is never good to   
rely on a small selection of foods as you limit your supply of certain   
vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.  While its true that whole grains   
do supply some protein - white bread bagels are not a good source of   
protein.  I suggest that your daughter get a good book on veg*n   

~ Lisa
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Subject: Protein Sources?

Hi... I am wondering if protein from any source is good protein?  I
have a daughter who has stopped eating meat, which is fine ... BUT
she also won't eat beans, tofu, etc.  She insists the protein she is
receiving from eating bagels is good enough.  Does anyone know for
She's 17 years old.  How many grams of protein a day should a person
Thanks for your help!