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Re: Practically Fat-Free Pumpkin Rice Pudding

I made the pudding this evening, and it was quite a success-
definitely on the make-it-again-soon list. In fact, I'm thinking
about serving this at Christmas alongside all the pies, cookies,
and cakes for a low fat, lower sugar alternative.

I made it with rice milk and vanilla extract with no problem (add
the vanilla with the sugar instead of cooking a vanilla bean with
the milk). The white rice pudding layer was wonderfully sweet and
just a little crusty, and the pumpkin rice layer was creamy and not
too sweet- the two contrasted nicely. I probably would add a little
more spice next time, but then my spice collection is a little old, 
so may be losing some flavor. I might also consider adding a 
tablespoon or two of ameretto to the pumpkin layer, to make my SO
happy (he loves it!). If you have a really sweet tooth, you might want 
to add more sugar to the pumpkin mixture, though we really liked it
as is. Lastly, this makes a lot of pudding-- I'd change the servings from
4-6 to 6-8-- the two of us will be eating leftovers for a couple more

Next time, I'll probably wait until after I test the recipe before posting,
but I wanted to get this out beforeThanksgiving. Let me know if you
like it.

T Sconyers