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Re: oil substitute

    I've been experimenting with using bananas as a substitute for
butter and oils.  It seems to work quite nicely.  I'm also experimenting
to see if I can use the pulp from fresh baked Golden Delicious apples
(i.e., no embalming chemicals as found in commercially processed foods)
in order to cut back on the amount of sugar in recipes.  I'm also
experimenting with various fruit juices as sweeteners.

    Try using the bananas, and if you find any other substitutes for
fat, let me know.  I also use mashed potatoes instead of flour and
butter to thicken up a soup...Lois J

Heidi wrote:

> I have an oatmeal raisin cookie recipe that calls for 1/2 cup salad
> oil. I was thinking of trying the applesauce but in the instructions
> it says to whip the sugar and oil together until creamy. Would I do
> the same with the applesauce and sugar?