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Re: Oil Substitute

On Sun, 23 Nov 1997 13:37:45 you wrote:
>Thanks for all the biscotti recipes, everyone! I have another request for
an oil substitute. I know someone mentioned something about prune baby food
as a substitute, but I didn't know what proportion of baby food equals what
proportion of butter....


I have always done a 1-1 substitution of applesauce for oil in most baked
especially lighter breads and cakes. For heavier chocolate things, I
use one small baby food jar of prunes with tapioca for each 1/2-1 cup
with reasonable results. I've also used mashed pumpkin and mashed bananas
as well, though applesauce has been the gold standard so far-- it adds the
flavor. I also buy the "snack-packs" of them, since they come in handy 1/2
measurements, and don't go bad as quickly as a large opened jar does.

T Sconyers