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butternut squash soup

This is a delicious soup perfect for the holidays.  

1 butternut squash, peeled, cubed
1 leek or large onion, diced
1 red pepper, diced
dry white wine or vermouth
2 tbls. flour
3 cups skim milk
frozen corn (optional)
salt to taste

Possible garnishes : dill weed and lo fat sour cream

Steam butternut squash in vegetable steamer.  Reserve 1 cup of the
steaming liquid for the soup.  Meanwhile braise the onion or leek and
red pepper in the wine or vermouth.  Add the flour and stir constantly
to prevent sticking.  Add more wine if neccessary to keep it the mixture
moist.  Add 1 cup of reserved liquid from steamed squash and 3 cups of
skim milk.  Add steamed butternut squash and simmer all together so that
milk is heated through and soup begins to thicken a little. 

Transfer soup to a blender a few cups at a time and puree.  After
pureeing soup add corn if desired but this is optional.  You will need
to salt to taste.  Garnish with dill weed and sour cream if desired.