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Re: Halloween Recipes?

Paige McNamara wrote:
> Good morning!  I was reading my e-mail for this morning
> and
> lo and behold there was mention of a recipe for "kitty litter
> cake" and other Halloween-ish recipes.  I have heard of this
> cake and would love a copy of the recipe!  Thanks for your
> time!


I can't post the recipe to the list because it is definitely _not_
fatfree.  It is a mixture of white and spice boxed cake mixes cooked and
then crumbled together and mixed with some pudding and green food
coloring.  Then there's cookie crumbs and tootsie rolls mixed in.  It's
served in a cat litter box with a scoop.  I will try to get the exact
recipe from the parent who made it, but it may be a while because we are
about to go out of town.  I'll keep you posted.  BTW, none of the adults
could stand the cake, though the kids loved it.