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Green Potato Skins


There didn't seem to be a name attached to the post with the vegetable
broth recipes, so I'm not sure to whom to address this.  But to 
anyone who knows, what is the deal with the green potato skins having
some kind of toxin or whatever?

I read in "Laurel's Kitchen", I believe, that green skins on potatoes
should not be eaten because they contain a toxin.  What toxin?  What
does it do to you?  Is it worse for people who may have slight allergies
to potatoes?  

It's real hard to find potatoes in my corner of Virginia that don't have
green skins.  I asked at a corner outdoor produce stand why some
potatoes are green and they just said that some kinds of potatoes are
green and some are brown.  If they start out green at the produce stand,
what's a person to do?  Grow my own I suppose, right?  Knowing me and
my brown thumb, I suppose that would be the best way to ensure brown

Well, anyway do some types of potatoes get green more easily than

> Potato Peel Broth
> about 6 cups
> peels from 6-7 large brown-skinned potatoes (no green!)

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