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soup kitchen


I am not sure what season you are in, it is coming up to summer here, (and
pumpkins are getting expensive for some reason).  My favourite thick soup is
pumpkin (curried) and you can either puree it all or leave some chunks.  The
best pumpkins to use are the ones that are dark green on the outside (with some
patches of orange on some) and are about 1-1.5 kg.  Or whatever you can find
with lots of flavour, you probably have diff ones from us.

Anyway, chop up an onion and saute in vege stock or whatever.  Add some garlic
and curry powder and fry that for a minute or two.  Then add the pumpkin diced
into 0.5-1 inch pieces and maybe a potato or 2 or carrots if you like.  Add
stock to cover (but not too much) and cover pot and simmer for at least an hour
until the pumpkin goes mushy then puree it (or some of it only).  You can serve
it with a dollop of yoghurt on top and a sprinkling of herbs (or not!).  It is
so beautiful and creamy that i don't understand why restaurants always feel the
need to add cream (yuk!!)!!  HOpe this helps