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Hi everyone - I just bought a crockpot (on sale at the price club with a
free mini-warmer)
and I loved the ease and convenience of making chili overnight.  I know many
you posted recipes a while ago for crockpots... I would love some of those
that I ignored in my pre-crockpot days - if you don't want to repeat the
recipe, perhaps
a reminder of the # of the digest would be helpful as well.
Also, I posted a request for "wasabi dried peas" recipe a while back, but no
one responded.  I have resorted to buying them in the japanese food store,
they contain oils and msg which I would rather not have.  My attempts to
make them with chickpeas, flour and wasabi paste have been adequate, but
I don't have the proportions down pat yet.
Thanks in advance!
-Karen Miller