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Gifts for the archivally-challenged

Hi, all,

Ever since I copied Joanne's friend's alfredo recipe I've been looking for
some variety that my both my boys would enjoy.  Most of you know what a
challenge that is <wink>.  I copied this one from our archives about a month
ago and finally got around to trying it last night.  WOW!  (Neal was kind
enough to post it to Veggies Unite, as well, where 9 people posted rave
reviews.)  I wouldn't really classify it as an 'alfredo', necessarily, but
you don't eat labels.  :)  It was fabulous, and I've cut and pasted it here
for those of you who can't seem to access the archives.  Don't miss this!
 And many new thanks to Dr. Neal - three years after you posted this recipe,
it's still gaining fans for you!