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Re: Butters

Hi Liz,

    Check out <http://www.startext.net/home/bevku/>  This is Bev
Kurtin's Home Page.  She lives in the Metroplex and is, I believe, a
member of Fat-Free list.  I'm sure she could tell you all the best
places in your area to find healthy food.  Bev and I have a mutual
friend who "introduced" me to Bev, and she has been VERY nice and and
patient in helping me.

    BTW, please don't feel silly for asking your questions.  I've been
cooking for over 38 years, but I'm only now learning how to cook
"healthy", so I'm as lost as you are.  We all have to begin somewhere,
and your questions are also my questions.  Thanks for asking them.


    Lois J

Elizabeth Ann Wilmshorst wrote:

> Many have been saying things about apple and pear butter. Could anyone
> please tell me how to make this? From what I gather I just smash
> apples
> or pears and I have this butter. Apple butter sounds wonderful for
> breads and things and I know you can buy it but what about making it
> yourself?
> I am pretty new at cooking, yes I was not allowed in the kitchen
> growing
> up my mother did everything, and alot have been using words I do not
> know. Could you give the simplier term till I learn these. I don't
> know
> half of these foods yu are puting in some of the receipes. I believe I
> figured out that Tamare is soy sauce(what you used for sauce in
> pumpkin seeds), right? I am sorry for being new at this but most of
> the receipes listed I can't use b/c I don't know what or where to find
> some of the ingredients. I feel pretty stupid if I write to everyone
> writing them. Please help anyone, I hope to have children soon and
> would like to be a good cook eventually.
> One more thing, does anyone know of health food stores in Dallas, TX?
> I
> know of some but they sell only vitamens and thing, no food products.
> Thanks, LIZ
> eaw0005@xxxxxxx