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I've written a personal note to Elsa Kapitan-White about this, but one of
the "secrets" of not having bacteria grow on food left out -- we're talking
vegetables here -- is to NEVER use a utensil that has been in anyone's mouth
to dip out a portion from the container.

The most likely source of bacteria is from a person's mouth.

On the other hand...

I've done some surfing and discovered much to my surprise that it is not
necessary to allow a food to cool before placing it into a refrigerator.
Waiting for food to cool is one of those "traditions" that follow us around
like puppies.

Back in the days when ice boxes actually used ice, any added heat would tend
to melt the ice.  We no longer have that problem with modern refrigeration.
Yes, a few extra watts of power may be required to bring the food down to a
cool stage.  But for anyone concerned about food safety, that's the way to

Another "tradition" busted into small pieces along with oil being necessary
for bread preparation.