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Pumpkin seeds

It just so happens that I made pumpkin seeds last week (I bought little
baby baking pumpkins and refuse to throw any edible part of any food
away).  Anyway, I just put the pumpkin seeds in a single layer in a
nonstick bread pan and sprinkled them with some Mrs. Dash's Garlic &
Herb seasoning.  Then I stuck the pan in the oven while the pumpking was
cooking at 400 degrees.  Stir them up after about 5 minutes and they're
done after another 5-10 (the seeds, NOT the pumpkin itself).  Be careful
and check pretty regularly because they tend to scorch easily.  Of
course, I ate mine slightly burned and liked them ... sort of a "smoked"
pumpkin seed flavor.  By the way, my understanding is that these are NOT
a low fat food.  If anyone knows differently, please let me know since I
have DOZENS of baby pumpkins left and will be cooking the seeds, but if
they're high fat, I'll give most of them away.

Leah in Cleveland, Ohio