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RE: Oil-less Bread

Marie Finch asked how to make oil-less bread less crusty.

Bread recipes with milk usually result in a softer crust. I don't know how
substituting soy milk for cow's would work, however.

Another way to purposely make bread crusty is to bake it in a moist
environment. This includes using a baking stone or brick in the oven,
misting the bread with water periodically as it bakes and putting a pan of
hot water at the bottom of the oven to steam during baking.  If you are
like me, you don't like to use your oven for just *one* thing. I usually
have some combination of breat, potatoes,  a casserole and a sweet thing
for dessert baking all at once. If your bread shares the oven with these
moister creations, they could be adding enough steam to make your bread

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