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pumpkin seeds/ zucchini brownies

Someone asked about preparing pumpkin seeds. In the past, I've done the
o*l/salt method of toasting pumpkin seeds, with not too exciting results.
 This year, on a whim, I sprinkled the seeds with tamari (aka shoyu or soy
sauce) and toasted at 350 until they seemed done.  Raves from everyone!

Since the zucchini brownies are coming up again, I just want to mention a few
*These are even better the next day after being refridgerated (if you can
make it that long!) - very fudgy and impossible to believe they're FF.
*If you can spare the addition of a little fat and calories, sprinkle in some
chocolate chips (Chatfield's is the name of a LF brand) - a decadent treat!