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Yes, but . . . (food temperature and bacteria)

Beverly Kurtin responded to Kate's warning of "It's not supposed to be safe
to let foods cool down before you put them in the freezer or fridge.
During that time bacteria can grow." with anecdotal evidence of non-meat
foods left at room temperature from which she didn't get food poisoning.

Bev, you were just lucky. Just because a food is a plant doesn't mean it
won't grow bacteria that will do you wrong. I've gotten some very nasty
cases of diarrhea from pasta salad (rotini noodles, olive oil, herbs and
chopped veggies) left too long at room temperature and from baked potatoes
left overnight in the oven after baking.

Although non-meat foods are less likely to harbor nasty bacteria, they are
not completely sterile.  Please everyone, keep foods at the proper
temperatures: sufficiently hot or cold and not too long in-between.

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