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re:comfort soup

I agree that the cabbage soup is an excellect comfort food!  i make it
all the time, but make it in a huge pot so i have plenty of left
overs--it gets better day after day!
here is what i put in mine:
1/2 liter tomato juice (more or less to taste)
1 large can whole tomatoes
 while that is warming i chop about 6 med. onions, 4 stalks celery, 3-4
cloves garlic, lots of green cabbage (as much as will fit in the pot) and
red cabbage also.  
i just add everything as it is getting chopped, so its very simple!  
then just let it cook for about 30 min, it should boil and then let it
simmer for another 1/2 or so, until everything is softened.  i also add
basil, pepper and hot sauce.

you can add anything you like, the recipie is very versitile.  sometimes
i use carrots, mushrooms, green beans...
the trick is to use the tomato juice (or v8) which adds a nice flavor.
yum yum! wonderful for those cold fall evenings...