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Hi all, 

lurking around and found some parts of a thread on dehydrating
grapefruit.  I did it last year, bought too many oranges and grapefruits
from the FFA kids.  I sliced them between 1/4 and 1/2 inch thick and put
them in the dehydrator.  Took a while but they did dry.  The fruit part
was chewy and very flavorful, but I did not care for the texture.  The
peels dried hard but with the pulp attached, not much good for baking. 
I still have most of it.  May use it on the Christmas tree or to make a
wreath though.  The dried slices are very pretty and translucent. 
Better to juice and freeze I think.  

Jana                                                   emsc

November 5, 1997
6:52 pm