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Seattle Veggie Restaurants

A reader requested Seattle Veggie restaurants. I would STRONGLY
recommend the Bamboo Garden, the only Glott Kosher Chinese restaurant
that is completely vegan. They serve meat analogues, mostly
gluten products, but also have "general veggie" recipes. 364 Roy
Street (Queen Anne Area) (206) 282-6616.

If you are going to Redmond, I'd strongly suggest Jack Sprat's
restaurant, which does serve meat, but everything there is
absolutely 3 gms of fat or less. I absolutely trust Dr. Eliott
Stern, the owner! He is an expert vlf chef, and has wonderful
ideas. Recently Eliott served squash stuffed ravioli, all hand
made. It had a light tomato based marinara sauce. It had less
than 3 gms of fat per serving. I don't remember a more remarkable
or delicious meal anywhere, forget the fact that it was VLF and
completely vegetarian. 

I know that you out in VLF land are now all salivating at the 
thought of this. His restaurant is closed Saturday. It is on
Cleveland Street in Redmond, WA. The area codes are all now
different in the Seattle area, so I'm not sure of the correct
one, but his telephone number is: (206) 883-4443. He is not
open for dinners, only breakfast and lunch. 

Even though it's a bit of a drive, we go there often. The
food is remarkable, I don't have to "explain" anything to
the staff there about my eating habits, and always leave
stuffed. I do tend to eat to much when I go there, I must
admit. The desserts, which are also remarkable have less
than 3 gms of fat per serving, many have none at all. 

There are many other veggie restaurants in the Seattle area.
I'd suggest all readers check the vegetarian net to get
addresses and telephone numbers:


Mike Rosenblatt